We have been planning to visit Tring ever since we discovered a couple of exciting food producers that call this little town home. We are always keen to meet small holders whom despite a massive competition from global supermarkets negotiate their ways to consumer hearts. Totally inspiring!

So we decided to pay a visit to those proud sausage makers, lamb farmers, poultry keepers, and bakers at the local farmers market. It is on a smallish side, to be honest, but getting word “local” very literally. Everyone seem to be growing their stuff within a 5 mile radius, if that. We bought a fantastic shoulder of lamb and a bottle of premium rapeseed oil but left with red hot tenner or two in the pocket eager to be spent if there was something worth buying.

The opportunity presented itself just as we were leaving the town. A sudden brake and sharp left turn led us to a yard dominated by the Tring Brewery. Crafting traditional ales since 1992 the brewery has already earned critics’ recognition and a couple of trade awards. And rightly so, the 3 varieties we purchased were worth the trip. We will be back for more!