Spring has moved to our garden…the days are definitely longer and getting up to let the troops out and fed is not so much of a pain anymore. Especially when you are being greeted by the chorus of singing birds (not that our girls have practiced their vocals…they are still complaining in their normal clucky way)

The sunnier days have encouraged us to start some small projects in the garden. Using Monty Don’s advice (the Fork to Fork Journal is priceless!) we have pruned our heritage apple trees. Both produced an enormous crop last year but guarded their fruits well in the maze of branches left to grow unsupervised for years.  So we cut them back so there are no more crossing each other and the tree does not waste its energy on shoots that will never bloom.

In the vegetable patch there has been some development as well. Although January was far too cold to sow anything yet we ordered some seeds and put horse manure into the ground in preparation for the spring. Our aspirations were inflated by the last year successes and we decided to build yet another raised bed to accommodate some vegetables we did not have a chance to grow last year. The grand sowing plan is hatching. We will keep you updated.