We love these crunchy, zesty, fragrant, seasonal vegetables that bring cold meats, pates and terrines alive. This simple recipe can be changed and adapted depending on the contents of your larder. Feel free to experiment with aromatic spices. 
This recipe uses Mirin, a Japanese sweetened rice wine of a slightly syrupy consistency. It contains traces of alcohol that burns off during cooking.



  • 400g Best of season vegetables; e.g.
  • Romanesco or a fresh cauliflower, cut into small florets (approx. 8mm thick)
  • Medium shallots, peeled and sliced into rings approximately 3mm thick
  • Carrots (small if possible) peeled and sliced into 1” x 3mm strips
  • Golden beetroot if available, peeled and cut into 1” x 3mm strips



Salt all vegetables with ¾ tablespoon of fine salt. Leave for 6 hours in a colander (to drain any liquid away). Wash well in cold water and pat dry with a kitchen cloth.
Bring Mirin and white wine vinegar to boil with aromates and simmer for 1 minute and then leave to cool.

Sterilise a kilner jar in the oven at 140 degrees for 10 minutes.

Once your pickling liquor and sterilised jar are cool, place your vegetables inside the jar and pour over the liquid. Tightly fix lid and leave to marinate for 3 days before eating.