Middle Eastern food is a perfect match for the summer: light, fresh and wholesome. Populated by a growing crowd of Lebanese, Turkish or Israeli restaurants, the likings of pitta bread, hummus or halloumi have become our new favourites and permanent lodgers in our fridge.

Persian food is designed for nibbling and sharing and therefore ideal for long summer lunches, picnic and informal gatherings. The colourful, aromatic dishes are attractive alternatives to our traditional party food. They have the ability to switch our mood by taking us on a mind voyage to places where the sky is always blue, the sun never disappoints and a little breeze playing with our hair brings the refreshing scent of exotic spices.

The culinary produce from Middle East is conveniently available from supermarkets and awfully tempting. But when freshness adds another, incredibly important dimension to the food, it is difficult to find arguments against home cooking. It may be time consuming but the efforts are always well rewarded. Our mezze lunch of flat breads, hummus, tabbouleh and falafels was just glorious.

You can find all recipes on our website. Try before the summer is over…