Lets face it, there’s fresh fish and there’s fresh fish. Supermarket bought fish can be up to 1 week old before we buy it…so its not really fresh.

Tucked away in the village of Brookmans park resides the family fishmongers J.R.Hammersley & Son which has been run by Ian and Lorraine for the last 15 years. We’ve been buying our fish here for years simply down to great service, knowledge and amazing seasonal fish.

The shops closed all day Monday’s, Billingsgate fresh fish market is closed so it make sense if your selling the freshest fish in Hertfordshire to be closed (plus after a week of getting up at 3am to go to market everyday). Named 2013 WelHat “Best independent shop” a reflective triumph of this worthy award.

Stunning shellfish in season of course. Popular with locals  supporting their local fishmonger who is passionate about the best quality fresh fish.

Look out for our seasonal fish recipes in the coming months, why not pop in and support these local food hero’s of ours.

Ian and Lorraine

57, Bradmore Green

Brookmans Park



01707 649872