So lets face it, we have spent the last month indulging in rich treats, alcohol and late nights Christmas shopping.

In order for the body to detox it must be given the opportunity to do so. Our tonic is guaranteed to to give you a fresh boost to the new year and clean the body of those toxins we have built up over the festive period.

To get the best start we suggest that you make twice the recipe and have a large glass for breakfast and drink mineral water with a slice of lemon in instead of your coffee or tea.

If you repeat this for a couple of days (although we know how hard it is giving up a good flat white) this will give you a sharper mind and higher energy level.

Ingredients: MAKES 2 GLASSES


  • 4 x medium sweet British Cox’s apples (our favourites are Russets this time of year)
  • 4 x medium carrots washed skin on
  • 1 x thick slice of lemon with skin on (unwaxed if available)
  • 2 inches cucumber (skin on)
  • 3 inches of broccoli stem
  • 1/4 of fresh beetroot (washed well/skin on)
  • 1/2 inch slice of fresh ginger (skin on)



Quarter all the apples and put two of them down the juicer tube followed by all the vegetables. Finish juicing with the reminding apples to ensure all the ingredients gone through the grater. Its important to get all the skins juiced as these have natural yeasts and nutrients . However, they will introduce a slightly earthier flavour so you may prefer removing the skins therefore  bringing their own flavour.


All ingredients are easy to obtain all year long so feel free to use this as a base whilst adding berries,herbs or soft fruit when in season.