May is our most favourite month of the year. Trees have covered their stems with the zingy, green garments; flowers are showing off their true beauty and the sun is giving the old world a splash of brighter paint.

As this is our first spring in the countryside we attentively observe our neighbourhood and are just fascinated with the wildlife heaving around. For starters, our garden provides a grazing ground for skittish muntjacs, tiny rabbits, playful squirrels, birds of all sorts and also one mouse, eating into the chicken feed like it was no tomorrow.

It appears we share our home with four new families. Blue tits, crows, blackbirds and moorhens are all nesting in the trees and bushes around. They are all incredible dedicated and hard-working parents but some not over-couscous when it comes to choosing the nesting spots.

Our blackbirds, being either fist time parents or completely oblivious to the existence of inquisitive Bramble and smart Bryan (neighbors’ cat) have built their state-of-art nest in the fallen hedge leaving to luck the fate of their cute offspring (pictured). All we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best.