We have always thought the modern pet food is designed to cut down the fuss element on both animal and the owner’s side. We assumed all pets eat up the food, lick their lips and rub their fur against their master’s leg in the sheer appreciation.  Unfortunately, in the real life, it does not quite work this way…

Take our girls. Fill in their feeder with perfectly formed and nutritional balanced layers pellets and they will look at you with a pure disgust. They will rather scratch the ground in hope to find stale crumb, faded parley leaf or tinny piece of an eggshell than tuck in the dull looking pellets. They love warm porridge, boiled potato peels, shredded greens – in essence everything that requires the time and effort and yet another 5am wake-up call.

Mr. Bramble, always eager to get attention, enthusiastically joined the fussy eaters’ competition. At the age of 5 months he already went on hunger strike, turned to stealing (neighbour cats’ food!), fled home to scavenge on the leftovers of foxes’ supper, begged the strangers for food…He even enjoys the infamous chicken pellets (ugh!).

The experts say, if the pup refuses to eat then take the food away and offer nothing in its place… So easy to say if you have not seen his blue eyes!