Snuggling by the fire, warming bones penetrated by the cold, winter winds. Spring, although has arrived is not in a hurry to spoil us with the sun. Yet it is tempting to spend a day in the garden, enjoy the joyful clucking of chickens let loose and the enchanting dance of daffodils in the wind.

Early spring is a perfect time to repair our fence shattered by the adverse weather. We welcomed this opportunity to make some improvements to wild life and opted for coppicing some of our misbehaving bushes to create a living hedge.

Coppicing is a traditional way of woodland management taking advantage of the fact that many tree species send up abundant new shoots after the main trunk has been cut. This natural re-growth is then used for making baskets & tool handles, as building material and of course fencing.

Although the laid fence is still not 100% chicken proof (escapees try new routes to freedom every day!) and it will take some years to fully develop it will eventually provide some shelter to hedgehogs, birds and rabbits. It will also bring long lasting beauty to our garden.