We tend to worry a lot about our furry boy: did he eat his food, does he get enough exercise, is he alright home alone? Bramble, completely oblivious to those anxieties, does not stop to amaze us with his ability to adapt and enjoy whatever comes his way.

This weekend we travelled abroad and left our dog under the supervision of our friends Chris and Michelle. They did a fantastic job looking after our world and keeping Bramble entertained. It did probably help that their little daughter Francesca at the age of 8 is a proper dog whisperer. Bramble would do anything for her, leaving his owners’ jaws wide opened in astonishment.

We had also lined up for Bramble his first sleepover in the house of his friend Charlie, a Rottweiler and Ridgeback Cross.  This venture was unthought-of just a couple of weeks ago when even the look of intimidatingly large Charles set the chicken coop on red alert and made Bramble run for his life. Little did we know back then how lovely natured this gentle giant was. He was assigned a task of revealing to our boy secrets of doggy etiquette and undeniably helped him to overcome his nervousness around other dogs.

The sleepover was a great success. Bramble had a great time playing with Charlie’s housemates: Boarder Collie Sally and Alsatian Dexter. They must have stayed awake the whole night cracking jokes and telling stories as on our return the following day Bramble barely said hello we expected after 3 days of separation.  For the first time he was so worn out that he happily slept on his armchair and let us unpack our bags.  Not sure why do we worry so much…