At GrowHay we are devoted to share our expertise, passion, creativity to transform your ideas, visions and dreams into a thriving business.

About GrowHay

GrowHay was launched in 2013 as a simple life-style blog cultivating ethos of growing your own produce, cooking for those we love and sharing recipes, ideas, and heart-warming stories. Our pursuit of sustainability led us to neighbouring farmers, artisan producers, local caterers who sought advice and in time more targeted business support.

Our Consultancy Services

GrowHay is a Food and Beverage consultancy providing industry leading services to the hospitality industry.

From innovation, current trends, technology and exceptional food and beverage experiences through to a collaborative approach that will understand the clients brief.

GrowHay Blog

We’d love to share our latest GrowHay news, Matt’s seasonal recipes and exciting local projects. Our recipes are subscription free to share and enjoy.

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